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One of my favorite rap songs is "Why" by Jadakiss. It got me thinking about some things in my life that I've been wondering about. And shit, I'm sure you got some things in your life that you've been wondering about as well.

These are some questions I have in general about being a single parent. From my kids, dating, shopping, etc these are some questions that if you have the answers to, please let a playa know!

These questions aren't in any particular order or anything neat like that. They are just random questions that I've had over the years. Enjoy!

Why do your kids always ask for you shit at the last minute?

Why do women say they want a "good man" but when a "good man" comes around, they curve him?

Why do people "ghost"?

To all the people that I've ghosted, can you forgive me?

Why do single fathers get no love when people talk about single moms?

Why is it that I can make the same dishes as my Mom and Grandma and they still don't taste as good?

Why is it when I say my name on the phone, people (normally wyipipo) think my name is Jim All?

Why is Champion brand popular now, but when I wore it back in the 90s people thought I was lame?

Why does rap/ R&B from the late 90s early 2000s sound soooooo much better than what's out today?

Why do the adults in youth sports suck but the kids are so cool?

Why is sex easy to get, but connection with someone you really want to be around is hard to find?

Why do my girls have to grow up?

Why didn't I get married in my 20s, because dating in your 40s is not what's up?

Why does God take good people from your life and leave you down here with everyone else?

Why do people hate on Lebron James so much?

Why do people love Michael Jordan so much?

Why are church people so damn judgy?

Why didn't my parents tell me that being an adult sucks ass?

Why am I hungry right now, but nothing sounds good?

Why haven't you bought my book yet? (Shameless plug!)

Why do Black folks dislike country music and country line dancing, but love the Electric Slide?

Why is it when I'm a good man to a woman, those women never want me? But when I'm here and there with a woman, those women love me?

Why are my girls so damn cute?

Why does my dog think that he is the king of this house?

Why do my kids think that the time before smart phones was the Dark Ages?

Why is it so fucking cold in this house? (Oh yea, because I'm cheap and won't turn the heat up.)

Why are police traffic stops for me so much scarier than they are for you?

Why do I feel personally attacked by the new Silk Sonic song, "Smoking Out the Window"?

Why did my girls say, "Daddy, when we heard that song, we thought about you?"

Why are my kids closet assholes?

Why has it been 18 years and I still miss my Mom's voice?

Why are good people hard to find?

Why is Black church so damn long?

Last question...(maybe you have asked yourself this one at one point or another)...

...why haven't I been enough?

Read and discuss.

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